Bowhunting in Africa

Bowhunting in Africa is a booking service geared towards serious bowhunters interested in pursuing the vast amount of species that Africa has to offer. From beginners to experienced veterans. We offer different hunting opportunities for ever skill level as well as the widest variety of bowhunting in Africa.

We understand bowhunting and the challenges associated with it. Firstly, bowhunters are a certain breed of hunters and need to work with professionals that specialise in bowhunting to ensure success. Well, this also depends on your own skill level. There is a distinct difference between outfitters offering bowhunting and outfitters who specialise in it. We know the difference and so should you!

Since bowhunting is such a specialised style of hunting, there are several obstacles to overcome in order to ensure success. In Africa, these challenges take new shape and we’re here to bridge the gap and take the guessing game out of it.

This was a concept I came up with soon after starting my hunting and filming career with good friend, professional hunter and outfitter Hannes Els of Limcroma Safaris who offered specialised and exclusive bowhunting opportunities to his clients.

I soon realised how many outfitters were either not really willing to conduct bow hunts or they say they do but do not cater to the specific needs of bowhunters. As all bowhunters know, if your outfitter in not setup for bow hunts and do not have exclusive bowhunting areas the hunt will not be satisfactory.

So, Bowhunting in Africa, what’s it all about?

Bowhunting in Africa is a premium booking service for bow hunters looking to pursue the ultimate bowhunting adventures throughout Africa.

Realistically some areas are more conducive for bowhunting than others. Hunting opportunities in Africa range from beginners to hard core bowhunters, requiring the highest skill levels.

This is what makes Africa such a great bowhunting destination. You can start with more basic hunts and ease your way into the more challenging scenarios. The best part about it is the fact that you will experience new countries, new terrain, new hunting styles and best of all, hunt different and new trophy species in the different areas.

Our goal is to assist you with making sure you go to the right places and hunt with the right people. We will assist with all your arrangements from start to finish. We are independent which means we offer several different hunting opportunities in several different countries but we’re here to make sure you get the highest level of customer service, before and after your safari.

Here’s a list of the countries we currently have on offer:

South Africa – Limpopo as well as the Eastern Cape.
Cameroon – Rain Forest and Savannah

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