Cape Buffalo Charge

The best unwounded, unprovoked cape buffalo charge caught on camera of all time… Period! In my opinion, that is… Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

The classic buffalo look: “You owe me money!”

He stares down at the hunting party over his nose then gives the ultimate, never before seen, snot blowing 6 feet in the air snort as he squares up for what turns out to be the most epic unprovoked and unwounded buffalo charge ever caught on film.

2 incredible shots followed! The first one in the chest by the hunter, dropping the head as the buffalo continues to charge! Then followed up by a superb brain shot by the professional hunter to drop the beast in his tracks.

A big cloud of dust, hunters looking at each other in disbelieve but relieved none the less… The classic, “what just happened” look… The dust cloud slowly settles over the beautiful, monster buffalo bull as the adrenaline fades and the reality starts sinking in… Few words follow… “He decided.”

Ok let’s break it down and get to the business side of things

It has been widely debated and no definitive conclusion has been or probably will ever be made.

Is a charging animal something worthy of the hype and the ultimate coupe de gras to a dangerous game hunt?

Around many campfires there has been fantasised about the mysterious, dangerous yet almost mythical “charge”… Many hunters and PH’s alike come back to the charge scenario around the campfire all too often. But the feeling and answers aren’t always the same.

I have heard it all too many times, by experienced and unexperienced PH’s and hunters that the charge is the ultimate rush and something they almost long for and see as something special, the ultimate conclusion to the ultimate hunt. There are many to argue the opposite, so which is it?

I have filmed a few charges from a few different dangerous game animals and have been very blessed that they have all ended well. Sharing many of my hunting experiences and adventures with so many different hunters and professional hunters, I have also been exposed to the entire spectrum of this age old debate.

So here is my take on things…

I have come across inexperienced hunters, and PH’s, that believe there is something to romanticise about a charge. Within this category we have others that are deathly afraid of it and rightfully so, you should be but not always to the extent that some of them are. There should be a healthy balance. I know some old timers that absolutely hate it, just the thought of it means that in some terms they have failed at their task because ultimately when a charge happens, it also means something went wrong. Which is true… But sometimes unavoidably so too!

My conclusion to the matter is actually a simple one. A charge happens if something went wrong so avoid it at all cost, but be prepared for the unexpected and be sure to carry enough gun and hunt with experienced professional hunters whom you trust and have hunted with before.

Leave you thoughts in the comments section below. Check out this next video if you liked the buffalo charge video!

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