There are 4 species of Ibex to be hunted in Spain. More commonly known by mountain hunters as “The Spanish Ibex Grand Slam.”

The 4 ibex that make up the Spanish Ibex Grand slam:

Beceite Ibex
Gredos Ibex
Ronda Ibex
Sierra Nevada Ibex (also known as the South Eastern)

A trip to Spain is a must for any traveller, let alone the hard core mountain hunter. This is a great family vacation opportunity with some beautiful sightseeing, luxury lifestyle as well as everything old that Europe has to offer. With a bit of hunting!

Trophy Hunting Spain – Bruno Rosich

Hunting heritage runs thick in Spain and besides all the more “touristy” attractions, some of the fabulous accommodations while hunting in Spain, especially with Trophy Hunting Spain, is what makes this hunting adventure different and special. Staying at the Paradores of Spain is a history lesson and somewhat of a cultural mini trip within your hunting adventure. Spanish hunting heritage dates back to former Kings of Spain and each of the different Ibex are found in different regions of the country. Staying in old castles built by the Kings adds some nostalgia to the overall experience.

This means lots of traveling. It’s a scenic drive with pretty stops along the way. You get to experience the Spanish culture from different angles, literally, as you’re traveling through the country side, mountains, as well as some coastal regions.

While hunting with Bruno Rosich from Trophy Hunting Spain you can enjoy exquisite Spanish hospitality while being able to complete your Spanish Ibex Grand Slam all in one trip. They hunt some of the top areas and work with some of the best people in the industry ensuring superb trophy quality.

In addition to the Ibex, you can also hunt Iberian Chamois, Iberian Mouflon and European Roe deer.

Madrid, Spain

We started off the adventure in Madrid and stayed at the lovely Westin Palace Madrid. After a relaxing evening upon arrival, we started our guided tour of the city with tour guide Monica. We fell in love with the food and the culture immediately! Unfortunately there were no bullfights while we were there but we did do a tour of the arena Las Ventas. The arena is spectacular! I can only imagine what it feels like standing at the chalk line with thousands of people chanting and cheering in anticipation for the final blow!

I did not particularly know anything about the art form so after being introduced to the culture and the heritage thereof, I certainly have to admit, I found it somewhat intriguing. The absolute attention to detail in the “Toreros” (bullfighters) attire, called “Traje de luces” was nothing short of breathtaking really.

Torero - Las Ventas - Madrid, SPain

Trying my hand at bullfighting in Las Ventas – Madrid (Note how sexy I look with my “traje de luces” just saying!)

Margaret showing me how it’s done!

Ronnie with the final showdown…

This was certainly one of the highlights of our time in Madrid. We also visited Toledo and did several other touristy things.


We then traveled back to Madrid where Bruno and Oscar would meet us the following morning.

The hunt

First on the list was to hunt for a big Gredos Ibex in the Gredos Mountains. This was Ronnie’s primary animal.

The Rooikop filmmaker was blessed to be along for the ride and to successfully capture the entire Spanish Ibex Grand slam hunt. What a special trip it was indeed and to be able to capture two Gredos Ibex fighting full out with one getting a full swing at the other while fully outstretched standing upright on his hind legs. Priceless!

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