I was recently blessed to accompany one of my best friends, Ronnie Williams, on a hunting adventure of a lifetime to the rainforest of Cameroon.

He had booked the hunt with Northern Operations Africa and professional hunter Deon Van Der Westhuizen.

Our main focus was hunting Bongo. In Cameroon you hunt Bongo with the local Pygmy’s and their hounds which makes for a very exciting and adrenalin filled experience! This along with the opportunity to see Gorillas in the wild and to hunt several Duiker species, Sitatunga, Dwarf Forest Buffalo and Bates’s Pygmy antelope makes this a truly remarkable hunting adventure packed with loads of action and surprises around every bush,corner and vine! (Watch out for those vines that reach out and grab your leg when you least expect it!)

Conditions and the equatorial climate is not for everyone though. Stalking in the rainforest can be tough at the best of times and there is no such thing as escaping the humidity. Bugs are a plenty and be prepared to be bitten and stung by most things. This, in my opinion however is a big part of the experience and we soon learnt that if you want to take something from the rainforest, you have to be willing to give something back!

I did so with a smile on my face! Interacting with the local kids was a highlight and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

There is something very special about the rainforest that I can simply not explain. This is Gods’ place, is the closest I can come to try and explain how it felt being there…

We were very blessed and had a very successful hunt along with some great memories and friendships made along the way.

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